Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Almighty Darkness Group Of DARKGX, The Organization Of Destruction

My name is Khalilurrahman. I had been called as Khal or rather Khal DGX. The word DGX are stands for DARKGX. Each word in the sentences of "KHAL DARKGX" are actually stands for Knowledgeable, Horrendously, Abhorrence, Luxuriously, Daredevil, Advisability, Reconnaisance, Knuckleduster, Glomonization, and EXtraordinary. The company of DARKGX is a complete form of the almighty Darkness Group in which at the same time it acts as the Organization of Destruction itself. Naturally, the highest rank in the organization is the Supreme Commander which I were the one who uphold the most important position in the list. My personal characteristics is a multi talented person. I can simply do every single damn things that I trully wish deep inside my heart. "KHAL" meant everything about my very own personal lifestyle. A knowledgeable person in wish means that I can do a lot of stuff that I wish for. I can write a lot of interesting stories, making jokes, being in a meeting spot, extremely good at mixed martial arts, mixed shaolin fist, and mixed swordmanship and others too. In the internet site, I have plenty of personal blogs in which in faceboook, tagged, twitter, yahoo, google, you tube, blogger and so on by using the net name of KhalDARKGX. My personal blog for now is SECRET..I have quite a lot of hobbies in which includes basket ball, computer games, watching japanese animation programs, training my mixed martial arts skill, practicsing my mixed shaolin style, perfecting my swordsmanshipness, hacking some interesting documents and file folders, surfing a lot of data in the internet sitement, reading quite a lot of interesting books and magazine, doing and completing all of my given assingment, and doing a lot of other benefits stuff. The least thing that I could say for now on all about my characteristics is that I am definately one hack of a multi talented person.

Friday, 13 May 2011

The Organization Of Destruction, DARK-GX

The Organization Of Destruction, DARK-GX

The words DGX are stands for DARK-GX. Each words from the sentences of " Khal DARK-GX" actually stands for Knowledgeable, Horrendously, Abhorrence, Luxuriously, Daredevil, Advisability, Reconnaissance, Knuckleduster, Glomonization, and EXtraordinary. Anyone who wish to know me even more, it will be a pleasure for u to kindly visit this web page :