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The Black Project Of The Almighty Darkness Group Of DARKGX The Organization Of Destruction


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First of all, I would love to express my personal gratitude towards all of you who had joined and supported me by being one of the members in this so called a Black Project. For starter, I personally will explain to all of what did it truly meant as to being in a Black Project. In Here, I who acts as the Supreme Commander of DARKGX shall expose a lot of bit of the details on concerning the matter of it. In this private documents, all of you will, some way or the other, understand on my concepts on undertake the name of DARKGX into the global world of the Earth itself. I will briefly explain on the exact real meaning behind the international word of KHALDARKGX. They are Knowledgeable, Horrendously, Abhorrence, Luxuriously, Daredevil, Advisability, Reconnaissance, Knuckleduster, Glomonization and the last but not least it meant as Extraordinary. All of these words and meanings show a complete side of the DARKGX and how things are precisely being done in here. And not to mention that Khal is my name and DARKGX is the name own entirely by my very own organization.


1)                  The major protections on all of our members in the entire nation of Malaysia including all around globe itself.
2)                  The masters of the martial artist.
3)                  The masters of VIP’S body guarding.
4)                  The masters of personal programming.
5)                  The masters of the survival of the fittest.
6)                  A complete understands on what it really meant as to being a professional.
7)                  The capability of our selected elite teams in which they are purely specialized in mortal combats and street fighters.


   1)    The Human Weapon
         A human weapon is meant as something that lies beneath our inner and outer skins. If and only if we          somehow managed to polish them as hard as we can then perhaps an ultimate and unbreakable power may occur deep inside our mere body. And because of that simple fact, anything can be achieves throughout our very own effort on understandings on the real truth of this world that we naturally lives in.

    2)    The Spiritual Weapon
A spiritual weapon is something that someone who is skilled enough to take full controls on the outside world other than a real world of Earth. Even if it somehow looks simple and yet at the same time it mostly refers as an unknown towards all human kinds. The mere reasons are purely simple in which they are somewhat that we simply can’t see or even feel them with our very own heart of truth. And now, I am going to expose all of those secrets.
3)    The Multiple Handguns
The handguns are without any doubt the most efficient and easy to carry weapons that can easily being uses during the works as a protector. All of those specifications are deadly crucial for it because of their powerful trust when someone pitches the damn trigger. For any professional who has a perfect control on their aim on any of their targets, a handgun can be extremely useful as to how much it really takes to take down their targets. And because of that, many of us maneuver this handgun and try to completely master them in a go.

4)    The Multiple Swords
The swords that the entire members of DARKGX use are merely random. The most common swords that we apply are the Japanese swords that are thoroughly known as the Katana. The characteristics of this sword are simply enormous and well known throughout the entire world of the Earth itself. Such swords are mostly cost plenty of cash but even so, they are worth it since the sword itself is covered in both elegant and beauty, infinite sharpness and hardness and yet it so light weight, and most important of all, it is purely indestructible. These weapons shall fits perfectly for the organization of DARKGX as they always deal with their enemies a lot more in a close range combat.

5)    The Nature Environments
The nature is a very wonderful place but they are without any doubt can turn out to be a very terrifying and hell alike place to being in at a crucial periods of a lifetime. The reasons are merely simple in which they are because all of us, mere humans, know almost nothing about the truth in this world. Most of us live in big cities and such places making us naturally ignorance of the outside world. Somewhere deep inside the vast forests are purely exists of something rather unknown to the science world. If we are somewhat unlucky then a peaceful life as we knows may  turn out to be a one hack of a glimpse of the terror of hell and it’s suck to being in such mess.

6)    The Exclusive Iron Glove
The iron gloves are something that we mostly wear during out stand by phases. They are pretty much comfortable to being with at the current pressure of the period. They ultimately can protect not simply just our hands but anything that goes with them. They sometimes can act as a protector and yet at the same time they can act as a destroyer. The design of the iron gloves are nice enough considering their major uses in the dark side of the world in which it is commonly known as the gangster phenomenon. It’s scientifically proven that by wearing them will gives us more boost when fighting with our enemies in any state of combat.

7)    The Indestructible Sport Cars And Powerful Bike
A car, as all already aware of, is something that naturally can be considered without a second thought that it would purely acts as our primary transportation. Without them, all of us shall face a very troublesome matter on our whole lifestyle. Every single car in this world has its very own principle as to how much they work for us as their owner. For example, how fast and powerful can it show to this real world when it blast off until it finally reach its very own limitation of its creator. That itself is enough to prove of its real worth.
Instead of just relying on a specific cars as a transport alone, one can always counts on a powerful bike to do their dark works. The reasons are mostly because of its smaller size together with their powerful trust from the origins of its ultimate engine capability. When it comes down to a professional, an efficient ride shall always remain to be the utmost priority. As all already aware of deep inside their heart, the smoother their rides the better their travel will go and it all goes down in here.


As all already realized deep down inside their heart on the simple facts and yet it acts as the unbreakable truth of this world in which that this earth of ours is a very vast and fantastic place to live in for the rest of our lives. Therefore, they are deadly crucial to ensure for this organization to press their very own lucks and talents to the limits or reach even beyond that. The reason is purely simple in which it is to ensure a successful development of DARKGX to the international world. The real motive or goal of this black project is based on these kinds of motivations for us to reach even more beyond.


1)      Kelantan
2)      Kuala Lumpur
3)      Selangor
4)      Johor
5)      Negeri Sembilan
6)      Pahang
7)      Melaka
8)      Perak
9)      Kedah
10)   Pulau Pinang
11)   Sabah
12)   Sarawak
13)   Others


As I had mentioned earlier, all of the states in the country side of Malaysia, somehow listed as under our territories. But, it definitely doesn’t mean as it truly belongs to us. They are simply just a place for all of our members to live in. Frankly speaking, naturally, there is no way on earth that anyone of us can undertake the whole continents on this world. All of us are merely human beings in which we are not any less or more than that one and only statements on our very own position on this planet that is covered with the way of lives flows through us. Territories are meant as a place where at least a small amount of our very own members living and dominating any small spots on any of the country side of Malaysia. 


The black project is solely for the purposes of making this dark organization of DARKGX to somehow reach the international globe. In here, we mainly focused on handling and cooperating the program with the help of some other trusted alliances such as `Jemaah Kapak Merah’. The mere reason behind such action is because of their great amount of influences on the other side of the dark word of gangster phenomenon. By making somewhat a contract or an agreement with the, undouply can boost the DARKGX’s improvements until it finally reaches our very own limitations at that current period. The DARKGX can also make uses of the thousands of their personal members in case of any emergencies that hold the amount of possibilities that it could, by all means, threaten our positions on the international globe.


This organization here is formally listed as one of our major alliances that surely can support us in any period of a lifetime. They are specialized in a lot of areas such as gangsterism, politics, dark worlds and such but even based on all that, they are a Muslim and Muslimin society who obeys the one and only of the Almighty God. Apart from that, they can be a very nice and trustworthy people who would back up almost all of their thousands of members throughout the continents of Asia.


They entirely provide at least four programs in their `POK’ series, for any of those citizens to take on if they wish to have a carrier as a professional bodyguard. And we have quite some connection with them in both training from their programs and services from their very own bodyguards and officers. This company is official in the country side of Malaysia and mostly known throughout the areas. The reasons behind my connection are purely simple in which we would loves to increase more and more of our alliances to take head on to the international globe and it is deadly crucial to maneuver it.


Taekwondo is commonly known throughout the entire continents as an aggressive and efficient together with their deadliest and lethal skills combines in one form of a martial art that exist here on this current period of time. When it come down to a Taekwondo master, he can seriously handle as many opponents or foes that tries to take over his site by doing it without any unnecessary mercy and flaws movements. They are a very professional with all of their skills since they already managed to master both of the art of physical contacts and mind controls. Proudly to speak in here, I personally have a lot of connections with its moves since I am a black belt holder making me naturally own whole lot personal connections with their important members there.


The arts of Silat are the one and only pure martial art that was originally born from the country side of Malaysia. At the present time as today, it is mostly known throughout the entire continents of the fascinating world especially in the continents of Asia. The reasons behind their success are undouply because of their fearsome skills in which they concentrated on physical and spiritual powers almost at once. It may sound ridiculous to some ignorant brats but believe it or not, that’s the damn truth that surely can be accepted by all mankind. Naturally, the DARKGX has its very own connections with some portions of its arts and some sort of their members are listed as our trusted buddies that we can completely trust with our delighted heart.


1)    An Average Level Of Protections
A one man position making this method of protection is hardly being uses now days because of its, sort of, unreliable spot in which the protector has to observe carefully on all around on full 360 degrees.
A two mans position making this method of protection is better than the previous ones. Both of them shall observe on about 180 degrees all around them.

2)    Maximum Level Of Protections
A three mans position. By using and maneuving everyone from these three bodyguards on all around the principle, an above average level of protections can be occur because all three of them just need to concentrate on 120 degrees all around.
A four mans position. Other than for those bodyguards to simply cover the entire 120 degrees of their surroundings, the principle can also be covered by an extra bodyguard who naturally acts of his/her personal bodyguard. By manipulating this formation, the risk that the principle has to shoulder would be a lot lighter by all means necessary.

3)    Ultimate Level Of Protections
A five mans position. The only method to master the road is by having a lot of people to maneuver the entire 90 degrees on all around of those 360 degrees of the entire surroundings. In this case, four bodyguards will cover up the principle entirely by 90 degrees with each other. Therefore, an extra bodyguard will be able to concentrate on his/her job as a personal bodyguard of his/her principle. This method, one way or the other shall be able to provide almost an ultimate level of protections for the principle in case of any uninvited event to ever occur during the entire moments that belongs to the principle.


The real value of the bodyguard are entirely based on the company itself and not based on any individual. The reason behind all this is quite simple, well, at least in the eyes of the public society. They real value is based on the influences such as the company of DARKGX and the bodyguard itself on the international globe. After all, if some only concentrates on a brute strength alone then it is most likely for the principle to not unable to be protected in case of any back stabbed. Naturally, no one includes anyone who wants that to ever happen to every single human. Therefore, the company will take a portion of the full charge based on the agreements on these three sides which are the company of DARKGX, the bodyguard itself and the principle.


As I had mentioned earlier, these entire five rated international organizations are mostly linked altogether. This, by all means necessary, is a prove that my so called a black project in the name of The Almighty Darkness Group Of DARKGX did and shall posses a global rated connection throughout the entire continents of Asia especially in the country side of our beloved Malaysia. Therefore, in case of anything, anyone shall always be able to rely on us without any unnecessary doubt in anyone’s heart of truth. Fascinating name resembles the dreadful meaning and it resembles the almighty power in which it then resembles the global influences of the organization itself in the international ranks. In the mid year of 2015, the name of DARKGX undouply shall be known throughout the entire citizens of all around the continents of Asia especially in the country side of our beloved Malaysia.


As all already aware of the importance of the emblems and stickers, the DARKGX also do posses two images that formally are resemble of both of the emblems and the stickers. Naturally, both of them are sold and given separately since they both meant as a two different matter of live and reputations and such dark meanings.

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Anyone who has any connections with these social networks then you are welcome in here.


At the end of these secret documents, I wished to touch a small portion of the details regarding this one and only black project of mine. This project had started at the mid year of 2011 where I, who acts as the Supreme Commander of DARKGX, continuously making a lot of connections in both inner and outer side of all of these global rate connections that are included in the top five as I mentioned earlier. By manipulating and make uses of all of these connections, the chances and roads for DARKGX to make its name to the international market are wide open. And as I had mentioned earlier, that definitely without any doubt will help us to rise into the international ranks so that the name of DARKGX will be known throughout the entire continents of Asia especially in the country side of Malaysia.